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Empowering young people to be change agents in their communities and in their own lives

The Problem

Limited Reach of Programs

Our community has an abundance of effective programming. Yet the impact of those programs is   typically limited to the young people in those specific programs.

Too many young people struggle to see how they can create a positive future. If they can't see it, they won't make the choices today that make that positive future possible tomorrow.

There are too few opportunities for young people across diverse communities to find common ground.

Uncertainty about the Future

Urban Suburban Divide

A lot of young people feel like they’re alone in every struggle they go through….young people don’t often use the resources that are around them, and just becoming aware of them is critical to being able to unlock those doors around them

-- Alejandra, Youth Participant, Teen Empowerment

Our Solution: 

Youth-Driven Collective Impact

SparkShare’s goal is to strengthen the fabric of a community and positively impact the lives of all young people in it by:  

Listening to young people articulate what holds them and their peers back from opportunity.

Connecting them with the resources and organizations they need, so they can solve the problems they identify.

Building partnerships that enable youth and adults to work together to create positive, lasting change in their community.

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