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Empowering Youth to Drive Change 

Who We Are

SparkShare is a Network In Action.  Our diverse teams of young people champion the changes that matter to them, taking on issues from racial injustice to mental wellness, food insecurity to substance use and more. 


“SparkShare helps bring other people’s ideas into our project and our solution… before we were brainstorming ideas from our perspective rather than the community’s perspective.”
- SparkShare Youth Leader

Youth Leaders
Youth group

“SparkShare is an opportunity for students to find their voice, find their power, and access the tools and resources that they can, to create the change that they are passionate about making.”

– SparkShare Youth Leader

“I think the biggest takeaway was being able to work with strangers and really start a working relationship from nothing.”
- SparkShare Youth Leader

Our Approach

Consulting Sessions

Full-Network Summits

Learning Sessions

Consulting Sessions

Full Network Summits
Learning Sessions

Fall & Spring collaboration and project development opportunities

Monthly skills development workshops with teams focused on Design Thinking methods

Monthly cross-community sessions with peers and experts for direct support of team project challenges

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