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As our youth go, so go our communities

So what are they thinking?

[SparkShare] is giving us opportunities to take charge and encouraging us do it ourselves...[SparkShare] wants us to be the spark for change -- Paulo, Youth Participant, Fourth Presbyterian Church

We want to have a relationship with more people around. [A community] where you can walk down the street and know [someone's] face and just say “what's up.” -- Carlos, Youth Participant, Fourth Presbyterian Church 

We need to focus on the bigger picture and not let what’s going on around us affect us, because all the killing, the shooting, the violence, it’s gonna bring us all down, and we need to overcome it and come together, so that we can build a better community for us   -- Kim, Youth Participant, MassVOTE

If you look at us right now, at what we did today, the employers will probably remember our faces and then we might have the opportunity to work there, or to work for someone else. We have opportunities -- Darai, Youth Participant, MassVOTE

The work that SparkShare does makes a big difference because they introduce us to more resources that will help us develop a better sense of self -- Ashanty, Youth Participant, MassVOTE

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