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We partner with youth organizations and help them organize events that foster comfortable communications between the youth and the adult employers or mentors. 

4th Presbyterian

(where it all began)

In South Boston, we began with the Youth Organizers of Fourth Presbyterian Church – they identified violence in the community as the challenge that holds them and their peers back from achieving their potential.  Their solution: build a stronger, more connected, and more supportive community to enable young people to make healthier decisions and connect to the resources and support they need to thrive.

Connecting the Community

The youth told us they needed a more connected community.  Together, we began to build that by engaging youth and adults from leading organizations in South Boston including: Fourth Presbyterian Church, Boys and Girls Club, South Boston Community Health Center, Boston Police Department, Old Colony and Mary Ellen McCormack housing developments, Boston Housing Authority, and Boston Centers for Youth and Families.

Reaching Everyone

While we are starting with a core group of youth change agents from our partner organizations, there are approximately 1,000 young adults in South Boston, and our goal is to reach all of them.  Our partnership is implementing youth-designed programs and solutions aimed at dramatically expanding the circles of youth in South Boston connected to each other, to adults, and to the organizations that serve youth.  These events include:

Police Dialogue

(march 2017)

A Youth/Adult dialogue with police to cultivate relationships between young people and South Boston community police officers.

Basketball Tournament

(April 2017)

A community basketball tournament to broaden youth participation in the partnership

Field Day

(August 2017)

A South Boston Field Day (late Summer) to further expand their network, improve relationship building skills, and increase youth-adult connections.

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