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Bringing youth and adults together to reach shared goals

Our Ongoing Partnerships

Since 2016

South Boston

With an amazing group of young people, we are building a more tight-knit and safe community

Since 2017


In partnership with both youth and employers, we are working to improve youth employment outcomes in Dorchester

in progress

New Partnerships

We are working to develop new partnerships in communities ranging from Somerville to Needham

Building a Stronger Safer South Boston

The Spark

One year ago at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in South Boston, eight young people realized they wanted to build a stronger, safer, South Boston. SparkShare was there to help.  We connected them with eight other organizations in South Boston such as the Boys and Girls Club, South Boston Community Health Center, and the Boston Housing Authority.  

Building Connections

We built a core group of 20 young people from these organizations, and together with the adults, we crafted a vision of a more connected, more supportive community -- one that enables young people to make healthier decisions and connect to the resources and support they need to thrive. Their target: reaching all 1,000 young people in South Boston.

Reaching 1,000

A galvanized community is now moving forward with events and programs to expand the circle of youth in South Boston connected to each other, to adults, and to the organizations that serve youth. 

Our goal is to have a community. A real community

-- Dion, Youth Participant, Tierney Learning Center

Events in South Boston

Basketball Tournament

April 2017 -- A community basketball tournament to broaden youth participation in the partnership

Field Day

August 2017 -- A community field to bring youth together to build and strengthen their networks

South Boston

Expanding Youth Employment Pathways

How We Started

At our inaugural summit, youth leaders raised lack of employment as a critical barrier to opportunity.  In May 2017, we launched The Youth Employer Roundtable, in partnership with Opportunity Youth United.

Our Focus

The Roundtable brings together youth, employers, service providers, policy makers, and educational institutions to create specific, actionable ideas for improving employment outcomes for young people in Dorchester.

What We're Doing

I think if somebody that you look up to invests time into you and makes you realize all the things you can contribute to society, that's the biggest thing


-- Sky, Youth Participant MassVOTE

From our May Summit, we created three youth/employer working groups to craft solutions to addressing racial and cultural biases in hiring, expanding networks and mentor opportunities for youth and employers, and skill development.

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