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Our Youth:

Envisioning a positive future

We work to continually develop the skills and capacity of our youth, to create for themselves and their peers:

The ability to drive community change

A more positive outlook on their future

An ability to influence their own lives

Greater social capital

The work that SparkShare does makes a big difference because they introduce us to more resources that will help us develop a better sense of self


-- Ashanty, Youth Participant, MassVOTE

The Youth. Their Partners. Their Community.

Our model of change – Youth Driven Collective Impact – has far reaching impact in the communities we partner with.

Our Community:

Partnering with our youth to drive long-term change

Young people who believe they can impact their future will make decisions today that make a positive future possible tomorrow. We aim for long-term improvements in community-defined metrics such as:

       Decreased absenteeism

       Decreased substance abuse

       Increased youth employment

Our Partners:

Providing the glue for more effective collaboration

We build a network of organizations working with youth, and in the process they gain an:

“Many young people don’t feel very supported, and feel very discouraged, that’s one of the biggest problems.”


-- Sky, teen participant in Youth Employer Roundtable)

Increased ability to collaborate with   youth

Improved organizational reach and   effectiveness

Strengthened working relationships   with new community partners

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